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AREUM FARM has superheroes to help heal people and keep them healthy.

General Geuni can completely combat viruses with sticky mucin, and helps prevent or deal with allergies, and eliminate waste from the body.

Healthy juice has various types, it doesn’t have bitter taste like herbal medicine, so almost everyone can easily enjoy it. It is also good to carry and even cost effective. However, there are similar terms used for healthy juice such as fruit/vegetable juice, fruit/vegetable beverage, mixed beverage, and liquid tea, which makes people easily confused.

According to 「Food Regulations and Standards」 regulated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea, ‘fruit/vegetable juice’ contains over 95% of the juice content, and ‘fruit/vegetable beverage,’ over 10%, and ‘mixed beverage,’ under 10%. When it comes to ‘liquid tea,’ the ratio of extract or concentrate to water is 7 to 3. It can be listed as fruit/vegetable juice > liquid tea > fruit/vegetable beverage > mixed beverage from the highest fruit/vegetable content.

With that said, raw ingredients vary, but all are being sold with the name of ‘healthy juice.’ Many products are even being advertised marked with “100% pure juice or natural ingredients.” However, there is no regulation-related problem because it is possible to mark “100% pure juice or natural ingredients” as long as the product contains fruit/vegetable except purified water. The problem is that consumers can easily misunderstand the product just as ‘100% pure juice without any water added.’

Despite 100% natural or pure ingredients, some have rich taste but some very flat almost like water taste. If you want to healthy and reliable juice, juice marked with ‘fruit/vegetable juice’ is strongly recommended.